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Implementing a collaborative project method involves both a reorganization and new internal processes, which can be configured in Planzone.

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“Planzone is a key tool to help us structure our organization in a highly scalable environment. Our consultants can share their progress in real time when they are travelling with our clients across China and Asia. Our team meetings are more efficient and we can focus on value-added tasks and optimize resource planning.”

« All exchanges are now done on Planzone, even on projects that do not concern me. Simply because the day I need to intervene on a subject, I must be able to easily visualize its history. I no longer want to receive hundreds of summary emails or be copied. Employees no longer waste time looking for what they need to do. They are more efficient in their work.”

"Thanks to Planzone, my employees are able to communicate more easily with each other and no longer need me to get all the agency’s project schedules. The solution was put in place very quickly. We particularly appreciate its ease of use on a daily basis and its low cost compared to the ROI it allows us to generate.”