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Planzone V2.2: Attachments, Calendar, Basic Projects and more

Planzone V2.2: Attachments, Calendar, Basic Projects and more

We have updated Planzone with release 2.2 this morning.

Major functional and design improvements:

* Calendar views have been greatly redesigned to give a better display of activities.
* You can easily create to-dos in each day cell of your calendar.
* If you wish to, a 7-day calendar overview can be displayed in your home page.
* Documents and wiki pages can now be attached to a to-do, a milestone or an activity.
  The "to-do" area becomes a real workspace where you can find all your necessary documents.
* We introduce the notion of "Basic projects" whereby you can manage projects simply based on
  a list of to-dos, without the need to setup a project schedule.
* "Basic projects" are highly recommended for beginners since it is extremely easy to get started.
  They can be converted to full, scheduled projects later on.
* User settings have been improved significantly in multiple views.

Other improvements based on user feedback and field testing

* To-do lists can have a tabular and very compact representation.
* Activity names can be edited within the activity trees.
* Clicking on to-dos, milestones, and activity names in the calendar views always opens a description callout.
* If you click on an activity in a calendar view, the activity is highlighted across the entire month,
  making it easier to trace when it begins and ends.
* Completed activities can be hidden from the activity trees in the project to-do list, milestone list,
  calendar and project schedule.
* The home page next events can be displayed as a 7 days calendar with the to-dos and milestones.
* You can now choose the email recipients when writing a discussion message.

And many many thanks to all our Planzone users that came up with their suggestions and ideas on how to make Planzone better. Your feedback has been extremely valuable in making this new 2.2 release.

Enjoy the upgrade and continue to keep us up-to-date with your experience on the forums or on support@planzone.com.

The Planzone team.

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