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to Planzone's private beta and thank you for your interest in being part of it. You will make an important contribution as we ready Planzone for its public
debut. As participants, you are in a unique position to shape what we hope will
be a thriving community of business and private team members all engaged in
project work.

We are project management specialists who believe
that every team with a common
goal can be more successful using fundamental PM techniques within a
“collaborative Web 2.0” setting. With that vision in mind, we've spent the last
several months
cranking out the code for Planzone. Our objective is to
offer plenty of useful features and functionality, while delivering a
service that is elegant in its simplicity. Over the next few months,
your feedback, we'll be adding a lot of smart new features, including
many that
address the business need for Project and Portfolio
Management as well as professional social networking.  Though still a
work in progress, Planzone delivers immediate benefits to business
users and
non-business users alike, such as including online communities,
associations, schools and

the FAQs to find out more about Planzone and our private beta program. Register now for our beta program.

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