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Why use a Project Management software?

Learn how to better manage your time at work and collaborate easily with a collaborative project management software.

If you work in a team, you've probably been affected at some point by bad organization or patchy communication. Have you ever had trouble supervising the progress of current projects? Are discussions or other interactions with colleagues difficult to trace because of too many different methods of communication?
Learn how to be more efficient with your daily workload and interact easily with colleagues using a collaborative project management software.

Why use a Project Management software?

Plan and easily track the evolution of your projects

Planning is the basis of every success in business. It’s the only way to guarantee a better chance at success and hope to meet deadlines. A Project Management software is undoubtedly the best helping-hand your organization can have.

Plan and schedule the major steps of your projects
Set up a schedule that includes the key dates for every employee involved. Everyone knows what to do and when.

Follow the progress of completed work on a schedule
Keep track of how your employees are progressing so that you know when you need to intervene. As team leader, you will have immediate access to details regarding the remaining work and funds for reporting to your clients. The Gantt chart in your project management software gives you all of this information in an instant.

Meet your deadlines
Meeting deadlines is essential for the longevity of a firm. Using a project management software makes sure that everyone knows what the schedule is in advance and knows what work they need to do to make sure the whole project is finished on time.

Collaborate easily online and succeed together

A project management software enables you to centralize all information and allows all those involved to keep up to date with the progress made on a project.

Stay connected with your team all the time
A project management software is even more efficient if it is accessible online, whether you are at work or travelling you remain in constant contact with your whole team.

Centralize all your work on one, single platform
Don’t lose time looking for information. Everything related to your work can be found in one place, saving you time and frustration!

Correspond within context
Make an end to those dangerous spur-of-the-moment emails! Finally, an easy way to communicate without constantly going back and searching through your inbox for that pertinent email. All correspondence related to your project is centralized, improving your communication with team members considerably.

Structure your day, don’t forget anything and stay up to date

Being well organized is a real advantage in getting the most out of your working hours. A project management software allows you to always know what you should do, when to do it and with whom.

Easily find the information you need
Using this software allows you to be more professional in your daily work. You always know where you are in your work and you can pull up any information with just a few clicks using the filters, sorts or keyword searches.

Limit the number of desktop tools
General desktop tools do not provide a specific framework for working: there is no visibility with regard to upcoming tasks or problems encountered by your teams. With a project management software, you include your employees in a very specific structure which develops a sense of belonging to a group.

It’s easy to see how a project management softwarehas many advantages that very quickly become hard to do without. If you think so too, you are welcome to test Planzone free for 14 days without any obligation.

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