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Time management with business activity monitoring

Business activity reports are essential to carry out a successful project! By using business activity monitoring, all collaborators can fill in the number of hours spent on one or several tasks assigned to them, and managers and project managers can get great visibility over project planning.


The advantages...

For project managers

Time management is an integral part of your work. With Planzone and its business activity monitoring tool, assess time spent by your team members on every task and analyze collaborative workload.

  • Identify your collaborators' availability.
  • Monitor progress made by users and anticipate delays in submission of deliverables.
  • From time spent, estimate the cost of a project at any time.
  • Export individual activity reports to further analyze data.
For collaborators

To manage your time more efficiently, fill in the number of hours spent on your assignations and  discuss your individual workload and actual work time with your project manager.

  • Identify your workload on a given period of time.
  • Fill in time spent on every project phase.
  • Anticipate task delays and tell your project manager.
  • Create discussions about dates and projects and discuss specific topics.

Successful time management for successful projects

With a simple view, the project manager can quickly identify all actual working hours spent on one or several tasks assigned to the ongoing project. This business activity monitoring tool allows for a better handling of the Gantt chart and a better allocation of additional resources to critical tasks or milestones according to collaborators' progress, lateness or absenteeism. A vital management tool to meet deadlines and face the unexpected.

Better manage teams and resources

The time management tool is an integral part of the Planzone project management software. By using this kind of software-that offers a complete range of tools for efficient project management-managers can better monitor and manage the resources allocated to a project. Proper resource management can only be achieved by tracking all collaborators' attendance and actual work time on one or several tasks. A good manager must know how to anticipate his co-workers' workload and that is why monitoring the status of tasks is essential to overcome a delay or assign an additional resource if necessary.

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