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Planzone Security Policy

Augeo Software, owner of the Planzone Services, designed the following security policy to demonstrate its strong commitment to Planzone security.



User authentification

When you register or when you are invited to join a Planzone Collaborative Work Space, you are asked to enter a password. Your password is encrypted with SHA-1 and stored in encrypted format. Your password will never be transmitted to you by any means. It is not accessible to Augeo employees. 

If you forgot your password or your password does not work for whatever reason, you can restore your identity in the system as follows:



Data access

The Planzone Services use a set of technical solutions and processes necessary to ensure data security and the secure exchanges of business information between Users.

Only the members of a Planzone collaborative Work Space can view or access the contents of this space. Depending on the data access rights set by the Planzone account holder or by a user designated by the account holder, a user may not be able to view some data in the Work Space or to update some information.



Protection of information during transfer

The Planzone Services use an encryption method integrated into your browser to ensure the secure transfer of your information and documents when you log into Planzone. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with an encryption key length of up to 128 bits for data exchanges between your browser and our servers. Our SSL security certificate is provided by Amazon, which is part of GMO Internet, Inc.  

Learn more about our SSL security system



Server platform security

We use suitable data collection, storage, and processing practices as well as specific software and physical security measures to protect ourselves against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information and other account data. All our servers are hosted in Paris, in the French AWS DataCenter, the world's leading web hosting service. Strict backup and security procedures are regularly applied to our machines. 

The AWS Europe (Paris) Region meets ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1 (before SAS 70), SOC 2 and SOC 3 Security & Availability, PCI DSS Level 1, Health Data Hosting (HDS in France) and many other standards.




A redundant architecture allows us to assure you that even if a server malfunctions, another server will take over and give you access to your information without interrupting your work. Today, we offer our customers 24/7 access to their data from anywhere in the world. In 2021, Planzone was available more than 99.9% of the time and no dysfunction was recorded.




A collaborative platform is obviously intended to facilitate the exchange of project data. However, this does not mean that you should make this data available to external persons or mistakenly make public the information intended to remain private. As you can see from our Privacy Policy, we are particularly committed to respecting privacy rules. 

  • Your project data can be viewed by the members of your work space only
  • The Planzone staff has no way of accessing your data




Many Fortune500 companies already trust our data centers. We use the latest advanced technology to protect the data stored on the servers and a part of our team works full time on the improvement of the processes used to secure the data. 

  • All changes made to the data are recorded and tracked
  • The data on our servers are backed up daily