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Simplify project management within the medical community

Anticipate, plan and manage the projects of your healthcare facility while ensuring the smooth running of your departments.


Coordinate your projects and teams

With project automation, free up time for your teams, allowing them to fully focus on their patients' care. Centralize all your folders and foster collaboration between stakeholders with one single platform.


Your whole organization in one single tool

Medical organizations and care facilities such as hospitals manage many wards' projects.  Planzone aims at making project management easier without changing well-established processes.

Objective: harmonize the operation of all medical units by means of an effective and easy-to-use interface. 


The art of working in project mode

"Who has never dreamed of working in a company where everyone speaks the same language? A company where the various departments communicate and work together to bring to fruition projects that stem from a clear and shared vision?" Make way for project-based work!

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Direct your departments and manage your projects at once

Ensure the smooth running of your various wards while carrying out the management of your projects.

A project management software for medical organizations such as Planzone enables many stakeholders to collaborate and bring collaborative projects to fruition.

Master the progression of ongoing tasks
Monitor task progress at a glance with an overall view of your projects.
Control material resource allocation
Efficiently manage the availability of your resources, whether they are vehicles, rooms, or care equipment.
Streamline the management of your staff members' absences
​Take advantage of an adaptive calendar management module to anticipate unavailability of staff.

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Planzone serves the project management needs of hospitals

Discover how the third largest hospital in the Hauts-de-France region ensures the smooth running of its projects in various areas such as administration or medico-technical specialties.


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Anticipate the unexpected and master project risks

With its customizable progress indicators, Planzone helps you manage your projects with great serenity.

Monitor the progress of tasks and projects in real-time on top of being notified of delays and deviations from plans.

Export tailor-made activity reports, token of your organization's productivity.


Buy yourself an effective, accessible and safe software

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Rely on our project management experts

Our experts assist you in the use of your project management solution and guide you in your organizational issues.

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Secure your patients' personal health data

Hospitals, doctors' offices and care facilities use personal data. Planzone complies with all standards of security and sensitive information confidentiality. Hosted in France, our software is in compliance with the GDPR and includes advanced modes of identification and authentification.

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Manage your material resources 

Create and manage all your material resources by assigning them tasks or workloads, just like any other resource.

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Improve your organization's performance

Make sure that your organization complies with the New Public Management approach by ensuring your teams' performance. Benefit from an integrated project management tool to foster collaborative work between your various units.


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Foster collaborative management and teams' involvement

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Planzone is an easy-to-use tool perfectly suited to project management involving various healthcare professionals.