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Get in on the Ground Floor

Get in on the Ground Floor

When you join the Planzone beta program, you become part of the Planzone team. You get free access to the complete product along with new features that will be added throughout the beta period. Even more exciting is the opportunity to get in “on the ground floor” of something that promises to be great -- the Planzone Community. By sharing your ideas and your feedback, you'll be seeding the beginning of a dynamic body of knowledge.

Thanks to the collaborative opportunities of Web communities like this one, the product development lifecycle is shorter making it possible to deliver innovative solutions at a faster pace. As developers, we benefit because we have access to a uniquely qualified pool of intellectual capital – you! As beta members, you benefit because you get the solution you want sooner than later, along with the support of a product team that really wants you to succeed.

We are also offering our private beta members a discount when the product is launched commercially, and the opportunity to post your Planzone success story on our Web site. In this way, we can share your feedback with others and promote your business at the same time.

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