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Collaborate. Get it done.
Planzone : best tool to stay on target

Planzone allows you to manage your daily projects online and without software to install, through a SaaS solution that adapts to your needs.

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Tools adapted to all your needs

  • Dashboard

  • Gantt Chart

  • Workload

  • Timesheet

  • Tasks

  • Documents

  • Calendar


A dynamic dashboard with all your projects and activities

A global vision
Get a summary of all the important information about your project, your professional activity and the actions of your team members
Weekly Calendar
The calendar gives you instructions on tasks, events and milestones planned for the current week. Create new ones with 1 click.
Know where you stand
At one glance, view events, tasks, and milestones that are coming up or late.

Organize your projects in a Gantt Chart

  • An overview of the project
  • Measure your work with a Gantt chart
  • All your projects at a glance
  • Mark important things
  • Tag, sort and filter
  • Plan in sequence
  • Grow your organization



Team Workload Management

Optimize your team’s hourly and/or daily assignment rate to avoid overloads or inactivity floors.


Track your team’s time management with timesheets

  • Successful time management for a successful project
  • Better team management and resources
  • For Project Managers and Employees



Optimize your task management and save time

  • Task and time management is an essential element in the proper conduct and success of a project.
  • For employees, it is about being framed by a daily to-do list that will accompany him throughout his tasks.
  • For the project leader or manager, it is a matter of shaping the different tasks that make up the project and assigning them to all the forces working on the project.

File sharing software and document management

  • Promote document sharing
  • Public or private documents
  • Document versioning
  • Google Drive Sync
  • Intelligent document search
  • Simplified document sharing
  • Optimized document management
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Bring your projects to life and follow their evolution on a collaborative agenda

  • Plan your project meetings
  • Plan your tasks and milestones
  • Import your other calendars
  • Encourage discussion
  • Mark your meetings
  • Your priorities in 1 click
  • Addicted to Google Calendar 
  • A multi-project vision



Planzone's user guide

Get your free eGuide on How to use Planzone and learn how you can level up your project management

Powerful features accessible to all

Task management

Create tasks instead of sending repeated emails

Workload management

Visualize the workload and working time of your teams

Documents management

Centralize and attach all your business documents

Calendar management

Share your calendars in a single space

Planning management

Use an easy-to-read, dynamic and collaborative Gantt

Centralized discussions

Easily follow Project Discussions


Evolve your dashboard in real time

Versionable Wiki

Share best practices in a Wiki

Success stories

Discover thousands of companies, of all sizes, loving Planzone

A SaaS Software, but first and foremost a team at your service

Our experts are here to advise and accompany you

Reactive technical support

Quickly get in touch with our team, through Planzone, on the phone or by email

An extensive help center

Easily find all the answers to your questions, and much more in our knowledge base.

A 100% French solution  🇫🇷

Planzone is a project management solution developed and hosted in France.

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