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The 8 most common management mistakes

We learn from our mistakes but let’s try and avoid making them in the first place ! here is the 8 most common management mistakes.

Management mistakes happen all the time. Often, it can be the moment to take a step back, learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward in an enlightened manner. Never underestimate the power of learning from our mistakes, admitting to them and moving on. Better yet, try and avoid these common management mistakes in the first place.

management mistakes

1. Stealing ideas from employees

Nothing demotivates and discredits an employee more than taking over their ideas. Being a good manager means creating cohesion and motivation within your team. A team member whose work is recognized will be more inclined to develop new ideas and be more productive.

2. Communicating exclusively by email

Communication by email is risky, emails can get lost and lack of information can directly jeapordize a project. Don’t risk miscommunication, use a tool that everyone is comfortable with that also centralizes all the essential information. Planzone is a good example ...

3. Reacting on the spur of the moment

Stop, take a breath, whatever the situation is it is better to think before diving in. Analyse each situation, take time with your collaborators to discuss and help find solutions.

4. Refusing to delegate

A manager can’t do everything, refusing to delegate is one of the worst management mistakes. It is an error of judgment to assume that you can do it all. Delegating gives value to your employees efforts and empowers them.

5. Wanting to manage every last detail

Again, avoid trying to miro-manage. Trust is part of a successfully managed team. Let them do the work and appreciate the result. If errors occur, point them out but don’t play the tyrant, it will go against you in the long run.

6. Set unrealistic goals

As a manager it is your duty to set goals. Avoid stressing out your team and losing productivity by setting unrealistic ones. You will just demoralize your team. Set attainable goals, give them the chance to succeed, it will stimulate them more.

7. Not allocating roles clearly

Everyone should know what they have to do, it’s a basic rule of team management. Assign roles clearly so that everyone knows what to do and works to the same end.

8. Not dealing with shirkers

In a team, if someone is not pulling their weight, it is a grave management mistake to not do anything about it. Not only is productivity affected but your authority will also be put into question. Take the offender aside and have a one-on-one meeting with them explaining your point of view and trying to understand why they are slacking off.

For even more efficient management, use a collaborative tool like Planzone. This enables better communication between co-workers, the centralization of information and more transparency in day-to-day communication. In terms of productivity, it provides better monitoring of the progress of work and so more clarity in how to meet deadlines.

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