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New Planzone version coming soon: explore the 2nd preview

New Planzone version coming soon: explore the 2nd preview

Before the weekend is going to start we want to share with you the second preview of the new Planzone version.

Apart from the new UI design, the main enhancements for the next version of Planzone are:

-    project history (log of last user actions in a project, displayed in the project overview page and in a              user's      home page)

-    better sorting/grouping facilities in the project to-dos (by date, priority, activity and team member)

-    easy navigation during creating new activities, editing or deleting activities


-    activities which were complete can be hidden or shown in the activity list

-    organization of milestone list by activity

-    through the clear design the user have a good overview of tasks and timing of upcoming activities

-    direct allocation of resources in the project time-line view

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