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Management : 8 golden tools for effective team management

It’s not always easy to be clever in the way you work with employees. There are eight fundamental rules for an effective team.

Teamwork is good for productivity and provides a stimulating work environment. But it’s sometimes complicated to work effectively with employees, which is why it is essential to stick to the 8 golden rules.

Effective team

Set a clear goal

For effective teamwork, it is essential to first set a goal so that each employee has a clear and precise idea of what needs to be done. Without a clear goal, everyone will do what they think they should be doing, losing time and efficiency if they are not working coherently, which is counter-productive.

Advance within a result-oriented structure

Resources are important but above and beyond resources it is the result that counts. It is useful to have measurable results that allow you to tweak employee efficiency over time with ever more pertinent processes.

Surround yourself with competent team members

This seems obvious, yet recruitment is not always judicious. To achieve goals and work together in good conditions, it is essential that each employee is fully competent in his/her field and provides added value to the team.

Working with committed employees

Commitment is one of the strengths of a team if we want to increase productivity. Each team member must be fully committed to be able to work at their best, they also need to fit in if a team is to better achieve set objectives.

Set high standards understood by all

Aiming high brings success. There should not be any half measures in teamwork. However, these standards must be respected by everyone if we wish to achieve common goals. Lack of understanding often generates a lack of commitment which can be detrimental in the context of teamwork.

Get support and outside encouragement

Stimulation is absolutely essential for the success of a company. Any encouragement is worth it, whether it comes from team members or from outside. A team that feels supported and valued can not but be more committed and determined to achieve its objectives.

Create a climate of collaboration

How do you work in a team of people where you don’t fit in? You don’t! So, working on creating a climate of collaboration, in a healthy, stimulating environment can only be beneficial to a business.

Work on a common tool

For effective teamwork, using a collaborative tool like Planzone seems natural. Yet, many companies make the mistake of not centralizing their data in a single environment. Use a single collaborative tool that allows you to schedule, share and follow the progress of the work done by team members. Everything is accessible from anywhere and at any time - an inevitable increase in productivity.
Try it out for 14 days and discover how to work effectively with your team members.

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