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Structuring a Project : Managing Activities and To-dos

Structuring a Project : Managing Activities and To-dos

Based on comments from users, we realize that the difference between Activites and To-dos in Planzone is not always clear.

To first structure and organize a project is the tricky part, it is not always clear:

  • where and how to start ?
  • how to set up the major phases or building blocks of a project (Activities) ?
  • what level of detail to include (To-dos) ?

Creating and Managing Activities: What is an Activity in Planzone ?

An Activity can be regarded as the key stages of the project, it is the structure around which your project is organized.

Activities in Planzone can be defined as follows :


For example: using the context of the Planzone marketing communication, we have created a project in Planzone named "Sales & Marketing 2013".

Within this project, we have identified several Activities, one of which
is called "Communication".

This includes several sub-activities which we assigned to Gayle Moran (one of our collaborators). For example we have allocated 8 hours to Gayle in the sub-activity Blogs for January.


These sub-activities allow us to organize the Activity called “Communication” for example into :

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • etc.

Managing To-dos : What is a To-do in Planzone ?

In Planzone, to-dos ...

To-dos can be assigned to several members of the project team as we explained in our article Why collaborative to-dos encourage teamwork ?


In the example above, there are three to-dos in the January sub-activity.

In summary :

We hope that the distinction between activities and tasks in Planzone is now clearer.

Leïla Catherine TOUMI


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