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Project management software for public institutions

Make project management easier within your regional government and simplify exchanges with your collaborators.

Planzone for regional governments

Get a clear insight into your project deliverables and benefit from a comprehensive support to unite teams around a collaborative project management solution. 

Listed at the UGAP (The French Union of Public Procurement Groups)

This institution is a "central purchasing body" within the meaning of the code of public procurement. Augeo Software has been listed there for more than 30 years.

A dedicated support team

With our training teams, your workers will learn the best practices and your project managers will be assisted in the implementation of a common project method.

Adapted to remote working

Give a clear vision of your projects and objectives to your teams whether they are working on-site or remotely, with a solution intended for all project management levels. 


How to achieve  successful project management?

Discover how to establish collaborative and efficient project management within regional governments

Réussir la gestion de projets dans les CT-1

Fundamental tools for local governments

Centralize your projects in an intuitive and collaborative interface and easily and peacefully coordinate your teams' efforts.


Enjoy a software designed and hosted in France

Our project management tool is hosted in France and it complies with the GDPR and secures all of your personal data on French territory. 

Many local governments trust Planzone in the centralization of their project data.

Integrate your process into your project management method

Your operations rely upon well-established processes. Instead of changing your ways, Planzone improves your daily organization with effective features that help your teams save time.

Coordinate your teams and collaborative projects
Our features foster Agile project management. By using tasks and resource management and shared dashboards, you can monitor your projects at a glance.

Centralize work management safely
Our shared work spaces are accessible to any collaborator, user or partner by means of close control of access rights.

Control your costs and budget
Visualize the number of person-days "spent" for every task and manage your project resources efficiently. Anticipate costs and gather your budget projections.

Start your free 30-day trial period 

With just a few clicks, no credit card required.

Master your project's progress

Our overview gives you a real-time insight into your projects' progress: ongoing tasks, every worker's progression, standard planning, Gantt chart, shared project calendar, nothing can escape you.

Control your budgets and delays with our customizable progress indicators and detailed activity reports.

Planzone, an indispensable ally for regional governments

Des experts de la gestion de projets à votre écoute

Project management experts at your disposal

Our collaborative project management experts assist you in case of organizational difficulties in your public institution.

City halls, prefectures, agencies… We are familiar with public-sector key issues. 

Sécurité et souveraineté de vos données

Data security and sovereignty

With Planzone, every user edits and shares documents in a safe French space that complies with the GDPR. You also benefit from close control of user rights to invite your partners safely. 

Gestion des risques et suivi des délais

Risk management and monitoring of deadlines

No more unpleasant surprises, real-time indicators constantly inform you of your projects' progress.

Des plannings projets sous forme de diagramme de Gantt

Project schedules in the form of Gantt charts

Plan your projects using a visual tool: the Gantt chart allows you to view deadlines, implementation rates, or estimated time. Create dependencies between tasks to get a plan that reflects the reality of your projects in real-time.


Want a free customized demo?

Discover Planzone with the help of an expert, free of charge and without obligation.

Our resources dedicated to local governments


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